VirusTotal - What it does and how to use it?

VirusTotal is a computer security company which was acquired by Google Inc in September 2012.
VirusTotal combines many antivirus products and scan engines online which checks for viruses and malware which your own antivirus may have missed, or to guard against false positives.Three features by which VirusTotal protects you online are:

1.Scans URLs to make sure it doesn`t have malicious malware or other viruses in it.
2.You are able to upload suspected files types for further analysis.
3.You can search for a specific url, ip addresses, etc and it will tell you if they are bad or not.Results are present immediately.

For searches conducted by for a specific file or url the report will show a listing of a set of online security site ratings by different vendor.Once your file, url/website name , ip address etc has good ratings from atleast  ten or more recognised vendors it can be considered as safe.Check out VirusTotal below:

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