Time Management and Goal Setting (A Recap)

Time management strategies usually includes lots of elements that make up the goal setting process, which basically is the key to using time effectively.Goal setting whether personal or professional, allows for an individual to become more productive and he or she becomes expert at managing time.Please take note that the context in which the word "goals" are used in this post, they refer to the many tasks that an individual would need to be completed, these can range from house chores to important business projects,all to be completed within a short time frame.Tasks can be placed into three categories namely short, medium or long term goals and they depend greatly on the time frame the individual has allotted to complete this specific task.I will briefly describe them to you below:

Short term goals

All short term goals can be considered as goals that can be completed on a daily basis.These can be a list of chores,activities or projects that can be or needs to be completed daily or immediately.Effective time management strategies usually should be written down on a list that is formulated on pad that gets completed the same day.

Medium term goals

Note medium term goals may take a little longer to complete than short term goals, instead of a day it may usually take a week or month to complete the given task.When setting medium term goals, the individual should break down tasks into steps,usually if a goal needs to be completed in a weeks time, the individual should break it down into a daily schedule.You will see that by setting individual daily goals for a project that will last a week, you will finish either before the week is out or you will be on schedule as per normal.It`s that a more efficient way of managing time.

Long term goals

Long term goals usually take a much longer period to complete, these may include studying for a degree program which may take a period of 4years or so, owning or building a home, taking a trip around the world etc.The idea behind long term goals is that they are based on future expectations, so to complete a goal such as completing a university degree in 4 years an individual would need to do some serious undertaking like registering for classes, making sure you pass all examinations in a timely manner, etc.Long term goals can be best administered when they are broken down into small sections,each completed sections or task contributes towards the completion of the final goal.

Are you managing your time effectively to complete your goals?

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