5 Reasons Why HTTPS Should Be Enabled on Your Website

A common question I get from friends and readers is, "What is https?"

Some users ask the question also, what is the additional "s" for? Well to answer their question and all of whom might be curious also.The "s" stands for "SSL," which stands for Secure Sockets Layer-- which is a protocol that does encryption of all your data and connections between your computer and the website that you visiting.It basically encrypts your connection so that all transactions done in real time on a website is secure and safe, this is important because  no one can intercept your data while you browse online or shop.

The whole idea about HTTPS is a very interesting topic all by itself and we can go on and on
about it`s significance, but for this post I will touch on some important concepts of which you must grasp to be a little more safe while you browse online.These will include concepts such as, what it means, why the importance and also the benefits of having it on a website.

So let me break it down...

5 Reasons Why HTTPS Should Be Enabled on Your Website

1. It is perfect for searchability (Google)

Their is a constant battle for content online from users and google is very much aware of this, their algorithms are constantly searching website for updated and fresh content that is unique and of
high quality and standards.According to Google`s Webmaster Trends Analyt Gary llyes, he states that if two websites are competing for higher search ranking in google search engines and both are of high quality but the only difference is that one has HTTPS and the other only has HTTP.Google`s algorithms will choose the website that has HTTPS enforced on it`s website and further it will rank higher than the other in it`s search engines as HTTPS is preferred over HTTP.

2. It`s best for users

If you browse online and search online about data hacking and breaches, you would see that the list goes on and on. Online privacy and security is very important and even more now with so many more inter connected mobile devices online.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol that when enabled or enforced prevents,"man-in-the-middle" attacks--"this is listening or monitoring communications between two users online and then making modifications.This done by unauthorised  parties, something that is highly unethical and illegal.Providing that the website that you are visiting have HTTPS enforced this type of illegal act cannot be perpertrated because HTTPS keeps user`s data private and secure.

Quick Note here....

1. User privacy =important
2. Https             =very good for privacy

3. SSL is a requirement for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

"AMP" is the shortened form for Accelerated Mobile Pages which basically is used within mobile devices to allow for very fast loading of pages.As such Google has been enforcing and enabling better and higher search ranking for AMP enabled web pages.So you see it pays to have HTTPS enabled and enforced everywhere.

4. Google Starts Indexing mobile

With so many mobile devices online today, it`s no wonder why google is indexing mobile, "google algorithm will start to using the mobile versions of a website content for the ranking of pages."
Google recommends as best practices that a website needs to have HTTPS as this will enable the mobile version to be indexed also which could ultimately have a overall website ranking in it`s search engines.

5. It is "Not secure"

The latest version of Google Chrome will give you a warning if you go on a website that does not use HTTPS as "Not Secure" in the browser bar, this is okay for browsing for research but you should be very concerned about seeing "HTTPS" in the address bar of a website when you are doing online shopping or doing any finacial transactions online.Things you should look for are the "Green Padlock" saying the website is secure and also "https" at the beginning of the website url (uniform resource locator) eg.(https:\\www.google.com).Studies have been conducted by research shopping groups and it found that only 3% of shoppers online would enter credit card information onto
websites that used "HTTP".So don`t fall into that 3%, online privacy and security is your business and you should handle it.

These are my 5 reasons why https should be enabled on your website.in this short post I give you a basic understanding about what is "HTTPS" and it`s importance on websites.

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