How to use Ccleaner to speed up your PC.

What is Ccleaner?

Ccleaner is a useful little tool developed by the software company Piriform. It sole purpose is to make your computer run faster.

What does it do?

When you bought your computer for the first time it worked perfectly, running really fast and smooth, but as time went by it started to perform slower than usual.As files get stored all over your hard drive over time  it will get cluttered and this is why your computer starts to run slow.Ccleaner will automatically clean up these unused files.CCleaner also clears out cookies that are stored within your browser e.g(firefox, chrome,Opera, internet explorer) that advertisers use to track you online.It also fixes registry errors that you may have that are preventing certain programs from running or loading properly as the computer starts up.Ccleaner also allows you to disable programs at start up which allows windows to load faster.

Why should you try Ccleaner?

It`s free, useful and easy to use.Though there are two other versions (Ccleaner Professional and Ccleaner Professional Plus) we will only need the free version.This free version works just fine, the other two versions may have some more features and geared towards the advanced user.I personally use Ccleaner atleast two times a month and it keeps my computer running smoothly.

You can download the free version below and if your want to ungrade to any of the other two versions later, you may do so.In my next post i will do a video on how to use Ccleaner, you can go ahead and download Ccleaner free below:



Unknown said...

Very educational. Keep up the good work

Unknown said...

Very educational. Keep up the good work