What's the difference between an Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processor?

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I would be lying to you if i said that the Core i3 or i5 is better than the Core i7.And although theCore i7 has better features in the market than the latter and is the fastest, it does not have 7 Cores and neither do the Core i3 or Core i5. The numbers are their to show their respective processing power and the higher the number, the more it can handle more tasks and process higher amounts of very quickly.
The processor`s power and it`s ability to process is grounded on a number of benchmarks which involves the amount of cores, clock speed (GHZ- gigahertz), cache memory size, newer technologies inclusive of Turbo Boost and also Hyper-Threading.

Core processors can be banded together on the basis of either laptops or desktops with each type having different characteristics and specifications. We don`t want to be confusing you so we will stick to and elaborate more on the processors for the desktop computers.

Number of cores
A processor that has more cores ultimately can handle more data processing and tasks, hence get more work down faster.A good example is that an i7 processor can handle more tasks than a i5 processor.The least amount of cores can be found on the Core i3 CPU`s which have only two cores, also all i3 CPU`s are dual core processors.

At this time almost all of the Core i5 processors, with the exception of the i5-4570T are quad core processor in Australia.This i5-4570T is a dual core and has a standard clock speed of 2.9 GHZ. Don`t forget almost all of the i3s core processors are dual cores.Note also that the i3-4130T has a clock speed of 2.9GHZ which is the same as the i5s but much cheaper.I guess you might be thinking, the i3s is a better buy than the i5s.

I must say that they are many things that affects the processing power of the CPU (central processing unit/processor) which ultimately determines if it is an i3, i5 or i7.

The core i3-4130T processor may run at the same clock speed as the i5-4570T and it may even have the same number of cores but the difference is that the i5-4570T benefits from a newer technology embedded into it`s architecture known as Turbo Boost.

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