Buying an external hard drive in 2018

Backing up your data is mandatory in a fast past world of today because one minute your pc is up and running fine the next it`s down.The important thing here is that you need accessibility to your data when ever you need it regardless of up time or downtime.In order for you to always have your data to your disposal means you needed to have a good backup strategy, one such is to buy an external hard drive and backup what you need.

What you should be looking for when buying an external hard drive ?

4.Help and Support

Performance ( Speed and Storage )

When buying an external hard drive it is a best practice to find out the performance of a particular drive, the performance of an external drive depends mostly on the transfer speed of the drive and the storage capacity.Transfer speed is essentially the rate of which data is transferred from your computer to the hard drive or vice versa.Information on these drives are usually transferred in seconds across the data cable usually in Mbps (Mega bytes per second) or Gbps(Gigabytes per seconds) and a number in front of these like (6Mbps or 8Mbps) will give you and good idea of how fast your data will be transfered, tranfer speeds tend to vary depending on the hard drive make,models and how much data is being transferred at a given time.The other is the storage capacity of your hard drive, you want an hard drive with a storage capacity of over 200Gb for starters.Hard drive storage capacities tends to be rising daily as ranges can be from 120Gb and can go up to 1Tb (Terabyte) or even more.

Design ( It looks and feel good )

An important factor besides the speed and storage capacities of an external hard drive is the design and layout of the device.Because a device like this is portable and likely to fall it should be built for durability.A good design should be compact, very light and it should be physically tough.Another thing is that some of these hard drive requires an extended power source,you need a hard drive that is additional powered by usb cable.This would mean that the same cable that transfers information to your computer will power the external drive.


The features of an external hard drive are also very important, today`s external drives comes preloaded with high tech features and software.Confidentiality and security of data is important, as such drive manufacturers are making these drives with security in mind and you will see some drives coming with options such as username and password to access data, options to encrypt data on the drive etc.some comes with preloaded antivirus software so as to further protect the drive from picking up viruses when transfering data between devices.When purchasing such drives make sure you get features such as these, they are very very important and relevant.

Common Data Storage Measuresurements

Help and Support

Almost all manufacturers of external hard drive will provide help and support services for the device that you purchase from them, if they don`t have any such in place well you should not be purchasing from them.My view is that the customer is always right and should always be taken cared of.Whenever you purchase an external harddrive you should always get a warranty that extends for more than two years in event the drive encounters manufacture problems.It`s better to be safe than sorry.For more about hard drive you can check out the difference between HDD and SSD.

Well I have come to the end of the road and if you are going to buy an external hard drive, you can check the top rated and selling hard drives below:

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