10 things to consider when buying an laptop.

First of all, it all depends on what you will be using the laptop for since they are a variety of laptops with varying price ranges.I usually sum up my answer to the question of which laptop to buy to the checklist below:

1. Size

If the main purpose for this laptop is portability, i would recommend one of those notebook which has a relatively small screen size and also very light weight.Most ultra books online are usually advertised as portable, slim ,low cost and of high standard, this should easily fit your budget.Average screen size for these should be 12.5 - 13.3 inches and it`s weight around 1.1 - 1.5 KG (approximately 2 to 3 pounds).

2. Screen quality

If you are going to be using your laptop whole day that would equal to you looking at it the entire day, so you definitely need a laptop that will be comfortable to look at.It`s a common thing nowadays for laptops to have touchscreen, the disadvantage about this is that most touchscreen laptop or displays are glossy and this leads to a reflective output on the screen.If you are going to buy a laptop don`t buy a laptop with glossy screen.I would not recommend one with a touchscreen.

Resolution, resolution, resolution.You need good resolution on screen, a 1920 * 1080-pixel resolution (or Full H.D) is enough space to align windows and hold things in view.Another important aspect is the viewing angles, so a laptop which has I.P.S (in-plane switching) technology is good because it has the widest viewing angles and by far the best user comfort.

Don`t just buy for buying sake.If you can go into the shopping centre and see the screen for yourself, go.Otherwise, look towards  all the reviews about the laptop and it`s screen resolution.

3. Keyboard quality

If you are a person that does long hours on your computer typing stuff, you will definitely need a
keyboard that is comfortable.A good on keyboard experience is one which has properly layed out keys with space around the arrow keys.Most keys should have adequate travel on the down button and quick responsiveness when released.Also make sure that your keyboard is backlit (light below the keys), this will assist you in seeing the keys when working in dim lit to dark areas.

Note, trying out and typing on the keypad is important on making that decision to buy , don`t forget reviews from people who bought the item also.

4. CPU

Intel, one of the leading CPU manufacturer has one of the best CPU`s available  for laptops.You probably heard of the Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. They are multicore processors meaning that they can perform multiple tasks all at once and fast, they out perform all other CPU`s in multitasking and other multimedia tasking.The Intel i3 processors are mostly found in earlier laptops but the more popular and faster now are the Intel Core i5 and the latest the i7 which are really high performance built CPU`s.

Intel Core i7 processor computers are the best at this time, they are built for high peformance and lots of processing which will increase productivity.If you are going to be using one of these laptops with an intel Core i7 processor  sitting on your lap, expect to feel a small percentage of heat coming from it.

5. RAM

You will need a minimum of 4 GB and  even more to allow you to effectively get the best performance out of your system.Having more RAM allows for more application to run at the same time, also allows for much more information to be more accessible by your computer at any one time.

6. Storage

Hard drives such as SATA based drives used to be a big highlight, but nowadays they have fallen out
of luck , especially for the light and thin laptops.This is attributed to it being slow, bulky and usually produced heat and noise.A newer and more advanced hard drive being used now is the solid state drive (SSD), which is faster in terms of accessing data and runs silently and most are light weight.

Only issue is that SSD`s don`t really offer much in terms of capacity.You can easily be confined to an SSD hard drive with 256 GB and below in size, those laptops with 256 GB SSD can be a bit expensive too.Having an SSD drive, you would appreciate the speed at which your hard drive loads up programs, accesses data and the speed at which your computer boots.

The lastest and fastest laptop hard drives have NVMe solid state drives which is very faster than the customary SSDs but they are also much more costly.We will see a drop very soon is the cost of SSD drives.

7. Battery life

Manufacturer estimated battery life span most times is not symbolic of what really a laptop can do, and this can based on my variables which ultimately affects battery life.These variables may be screen brightness, screen resolution amount of programs being run in the background and the list can go on.It all depends on what you are doing on a daily basis on your laptop.If you are playing alot of games on your laptop, you run alot of processor intensive programs and stream alot of videos on your computer network, your computer will drain much quicker that what your manufacturer has quoted.

Knowing how long your battery will last is very important, this can be quantified with Watts-hours (Wh) or milliamps-hour (mAh) and the higher these figures are, the longer your battery will last.A 13 inch laptop e.g with a power rating between 44WH and 50Wh will be good.

8. USB 3.0

Almost all laptops come today with USB 3.0 ports and you should not get one if it doesn`t havent have these ports atleast two USB 3.0 ports.The USB 3.0 ports can transfer data at a much faster that the traditional USB 2.0 found on most older laptops.This is important because you may want to plug up your external hard drive for data backing up and some newer model external device.The key here is speed that the technology facilitates.

9. Fingerprint reader and TPM

Today fingerprint readers are great for logging in mobile devices and on Windows 10 Operating System.Note some people can guess your password but not many reproduce your fingerprint.

10. Build quality

Anything can physically happen to our laptop no matter how careful we are with it.Some laptops are
built to withstand harsh enviroments and to withstand water, dust and dirty areas.It is paramount that you check out how much testing an laptop has undergone and what it can withstand in the physical enviroment.

Meet your needs

Well that`s my list and you need to balance these features with your budget and your needs, you may have to make some compromises.You might not get all the features listed above for a cheap price but you can weigh the pros and cons and see what best fits you and the work you will be doing with it.

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