Online Shopping in Guyana Made Easy with a Visa Travel Card

Shopping online in Guyana has become really easy for Guyanese within the past few years.In this short post i will list four steps that will guide you from beginning to end on shopping online in Guyana.Follow the steps outlined in this posts and you should be on your way to purchasing your item online and shipping it to Guyana within 2-3 weeks or less.

Getting a GBTI Visa Card
The GBTI Visa Travel Card and the Republic Bank Visa Travel Money are pre-paid Debit cards which are reloadable and ready to use at home and abroad. They work just like credit cards except no high fees attached. Below are the requirements for taking out one of these cards to start your online Christmas shopping. Almost all banks in Guyana have the same requirements for someone who would like to take out a Visa Debit card.

Step One

1.You instantly get purchasing power to purchase anything worldwide.

2.Cards are accepted internationally.

3.It is very reliable and convenient.

4.You are able to shop instantly online.

5.Enjoy easy reloading fees and options.

6.Can be loaded with a minimum of US$50.00 and Maximum of US$5000.

7.You don`t need to have an account with GBTI bank to own and setup your card, it`s that easy.

Requirements for a GBTI Visa Travel Classic Card and the Republic Bank Visa Card

1.Any person once you are above the age of 16.

2.Some form of proof of address in the name of the person applying for the card.

(Proof of Address should be no older than 6 months)

3.Valid identification (Passport or National Identication Card).

4. Atleast two passport size photogragh.

5.Job Letter from your work place and or salary payslip (no later than 3 months).

Self employed individual need to bring up to date financial statements and proof of income.

From my experience I have found shopping online with my card very convenient. The total cost for getting a card at the bank and everything is approximately GY$14,000.00 or less and you get US$50.00 loaded on your new card.The whole process takes less than three working days.

Please see Republic Bank and GBTI bank website for detail information on applying for a card or you can visit their office any Mondy to Friday during work hours.

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