How To Create A Gmail Account 2018

Step 1 - Go to and type gmail signup, click on the first one in the search query like below.

Step 2 - Signing up,make sure you fill out all the details for the gmail form inclusive of a valid mobile number since google will use this number for google verification later down in your setup.

Step 3 - We have finish setting up our email address but without verification, we will proceed to verify with mobile number with google, click continue.

Step 4 - Click Sign-in & Security

Step 5 - Verify your mobile number (that you submitted) below and hit verify, google will send you a text message to your mobile device.Note they have other ways of verification such as email, but for this post we are verifying by mobile number.

Step 6 - You will ask to log back into your account with your password

Step 7 - Enter the code that google sent to you via text message in the field below.

Step 8 - Click Done.

Step 9 - You will be taken back to the security checkup page below.

Step 10 - Click Continue To My Account.

Step 11 - Click on the square tiles on your right and proceed to click on Gmail like below, this takes you to your gmail inbox.

Step 12 - Click on the X to close the window

Step 13 - You are now within your free google email inbox.

Step 14  - Dont forget to sign out by clicking on the purple "C" on the top right hand side of the window and clicking sign out.

This tutorial was created to show you how easy it is to create your own email address in less that ten minutes.Please note that you should take the necessary precaution in protecting your email addresses.Please see my tutorial on two step verification which will guide you on how to further secure your email address.

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