Create your PayPal account. It’s free to sign up!

Create a PayPal account to shop safely and conveniently online is as easy as 123.When you signup with Paypal you don`t have to disclose you personal banking details everytime with sellers online. Paypal does all the buying transaction on your behalf.Please see the steps below in setting up your Paypal account.Paypal has been around for quite sometime and they are safe,convenient and secure.

Step 1.Browse and type paypal Guyana and click on the first link shown like below.

 Step 2.You will arrive at the page below, make sure the link is the same as this ( sure you click on the sign up for a personal account instead of business because you will be most likely be paying and buying stuff online.

Step 3. Just click Skip this Step in the new window at the bottom.

Step 4.Use the Paypal signup form to signup like below, making sure you use the email address that you created earlier, but remember you should create a completely new password to use with your Paypal account.So when you are logging into Paypal you will use your email address and your recently created password to log in.Make sure your information is correct like country and your email address, etc.

Step 5.Fill out all the details on the forms as they are presented below

Step 6.Add your visa or debit card number below, for the Zip Code I put 592, it works.

Step 7.That`s it, you are signed up with Paypal.You can go ahead and start shopping online and pay where ever Paypal is accepted online.

Step 8. Make sure you always log out of your account when you finish.

Step 9.You will have to log into your email and verify your Paypal account information by clicking on the email that Paypal sent to you in order for you to log back into Paypal website.Click Confirm Email Address

Step 10.You will be taken to another page to confirm your email address, type in the password you create for your Paypal account and click confirm email address.

Once you confirm your email address with Paypal, you are ready to start shopping online but first you need to get a shipping company to handle the items you will buy online and bring into Guyana.Note you can purchase online with Paypal and ship straight to Guyana but the cost to ship items here directly will be very high.I recommend signing up with Zoon shopping and shipping.When you create an online account with Zoon shopping you get an P.O box address within the US that you can use as a physical address to ship your items after purchasing online.It is from here Zoon receives your items from the supplier and then they bring it into Guyana on your behalf.Also you can track your item as it is being shipped to Guyana.When your item reaches into Guyana Zoon shipping will notify you via mobile call, all outstanding fees will have to be cleared up before you receive your package.It`s that easy.

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