Biometrics and How it is used in our Banks

In this short article we will give you a short overview of biometrics and what it is and how they are used within the banking sector, it is important for you all to be informed and aware of these technologies.

What is Biometrics?
  • Technological and scientific method of authentication based on biology.
  • Measurement and statistical analysis of people's physical and behavioral characteristics.
Uses of Biometrics in Banks
  • For identification and access control.  
  • Monitor employee and customer activity which creates concrete audit trails.
  • Bank without a card at ATMs.
  • Online banking becomes more secure.
  • Tracking time of employees.
Advantages of Biometrics in Banks
  • It is favoured over PINs and IDs.
  • Accurate authentication.
  • A key that can’t be transferred.  
  • Higher degree of security that traditional authentication methods.
  • Less time consuming.
  •  Manufacture scope is great.
  • Cannot be social engineered.

Disadvantages of Biometrics in Banks
  • ·         Expensive to implement.
  • ·         False Accept Rate (FAR).
  • ·         False Reject Rate (FRR).
  • ·         Users may feel violated.
  • ·         Can be falsified.

·         Biometrics is a method of authentication

·         It has multiple roles:
       Access control
       Time tracking
  • ·         Favoured over PINs and IDs.
  • ·          More secure than traditional methods.
  • ·         Implementation is expensive.
  • ·         Violate user privacy

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