How to create a bootable ISO image from a bootable DVD or CD

Creating a bootable ISO image is very easy and from this image file you can create a bootable dvd, cd or usb drive.In this post  i will show you exactly how to create this image (Windows 7) from a bootable dvd disc in my dvd  rom drive.

Follow the steps below:

1.Download Power iso here. and install it by double clicking it.

2.Double click on the power iso icon on your desktop.

3.When the window pops up,like below click the top.

3.Another windows pops up, from "Look in" choose "DVD Drive" which is the location of the files on the dvd disc.

4.Click on all the files and then click Add.

5.Files from your dvd drive will start to be added to power iso.

6.After windows have finish adding files to power iso you need to add boot information to your image files.Choose Action->Add Boot Information.

7.From the pop up window below click the button by the arrow and browse to the dvd drive (location for your windows files)

8.,At bottom from Boot Image Files choose All Files.

9. Click on the Bootmgr.efi  click ok

10.You now will see the file is added and the status of the image changes from non bootable to bootable like below.

11.Click on Save at the top, a window will pop up Save in "the desktop",Change File name to whatever you prefer and Save as type to "Standard iso images"


12.Now click Save

13.Power iso will start to create the iso image like below.

14.Your iso image should look like that below.

From this iso image you can go ahead and burn it back to a blank cd or dvd and you should be able to boot straight from the disc once you set your first boot device in the CMOS setup as cd/dvd drive.Optionally you can use this image to create a bootable flash drive seen here.
Note you can create any iso image using power iso.

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