How to turn on "Hey Cortana" in Windows 10

Alot of you may be asking questions about what or who is Cortana.Well Cortana is a new feature in Windows 10 that when activated allows the computer user to give voice commands to the computer.This is really a kool and useful tool because you don`t have to type on the keyboard,all you have to do is just speak to the computer and Cortana will do the rest for you.

Cortana for Windows 10 is still a work in progress as Microsoft is always trying to better all their line of products and services associated with Windows.You are likely to see an upgrade to Cortana for Windows 10 any time soon.You can ask Cortana questions like "Hey" or "what`s up" and she will respond to you with an answer.

For Cortana is your best friend in Windows 10 but she is unable to set alarms or change some settings in your computer.She can definitely do some cool stuff like give you the weather forecast of any country you ask her to check.

Ask Cortana to search for a document or a file and she will do it right away, however she will not open the document or file.It`s a fact that Cortana can`t do everything in Windows 10 but she can do lots of other things like calculations,give sports scores,track flight schedules, etc.These features are kool because we have never been able to interact with windows like this before and this is testimony as to how windows has evolved as an operating system for computers.

How to enable "Hey Cortana" for Searching in Windows 10

Please note that "Hey Cortana" which is the hands free search feature in windows 10 is not enabled by default.I can understand this because not everyone likes the idea of commanding their computers to do searches via voice commands.Most will still want to use the old fashion way of just typing on their keyboards and pressing enter for search or to do any other task that Cortana can do.Once Cortana is enabled in Windows 10 will lay dormant on the left of your taskbar until you say the words exactly as it is:"Hey Cortana".Once you have gotten the attention of Cortana you can go ahead
and start issuing voice commands (lol!!)

Normally Cortana will be on your taskbar, when you click on it for the first time, it will try to personalize by asking you your name.This is not a necessary step and you can skip it if you prefer.

By right clicking on the taskbar you can decide whether to remove Cortana from the taskbar or to make it a small circle.

Clicking on Cortana gives you the options to set various aspects within the application.Right click, then click on settings to access other options.

Within the settings tab you will see an option to Let Cortana respond when you say, "Hey Cortana".Slide this to on to allow hands free voice commands with windows 10.You can turn this feature off by repeating this step and slide to off.

You can disable Cortana completely on your computer with just a few clicks.From the settings tab, there is an option at the top to enable or disable.Slide to ON to enable and OFF to disable it.
Please note that this will completely disable Cortana and it will not work,

But if you just want to only remove Cortana search icon from the disable from the menu like above.The first one from the settings tab will completely disables Cortana, however this one above removes it from the taskbar but you will still be able to make use of it.

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