How to Secure Your Facebook Account in 2015

In this post i will be sharing with you how you can secure your Facebook profile if you think that it has been compromised by someone other than yourself.So sit back, read and then take action.It will definitely benefit you.
Step 1 

The first step to instantly secure your Facebook account if it has been compromised is for you to change the current password immediately.So log into your Facebook account with your current account like below:

Click Settings
Step 2 - General Account Settings

At General Account Settings
 At password choose edit.

Step 3 - Change your current password.

Step 4 - Security Settings

Click on Security Tab & then Click Login Alert

Click edit 
Step 5 - Login alerts settings
From the login alerts you need to set notifications email and text messages.Please see below:
Notifications  : set to Get notification
Email             :  set email alerts to your email address.
Text messages: set text login alerts to your mobile number.

When you are finished click save changes to exit.

 Step 6 - Login Approvals

From Security Setting click on Login approvals, here you will set the parameters to receive a code via text message to your mobile phone, make sure you check Require a security code to access my 
account from an unknown browser. 

You will be prompted to enter a code that Facebook has sent to your phone that you have set up to receive codes when logging in to Facebook from an unknown browser.

Step 7 - Trusted Contacts

Set up Trusted contacts in the event you lose access to your profile,this security feature allows you to add trusted friends (Trusted contacts) who would verify who you say you are in the event you lose access to your profile.Follow the steps below to get started.

 From the Security settings tab choose Trusted contacts.

Click Choose trusted contacts

Choose your contacts

Step 8 - Where you `re logged in

Clicking on this feature gives the opportunity to see the different devices and where you logged into Facebook from.From the Security settings tab choose where you `re logged in.

Click edit

Your Facebook Account is more secure now and if you think this post was informative please share it on Facebook.

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