Install and Remove RAM in Desktop Computer

Today`s video will show you how to remove Memory/RAM from your desktop computer,the dustoff  air that is in the bottle has compressed air and it is used to spray out the dust from within the slots.

Note that you may install/remove/reset memory to either clean out memory slots, upgrade memory/RAM or if your computer is making a continuous beeping sound and there is no display on your monitor.This video should solve the no display and continuous beeping sound that you may be experiencing.

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Unknown said...

So id like to start off by saying good video. And add some critique;

1. Mismatched Ram :- I know this is probably a board for someone else and you were doing some cleaning up. However mismatched ram leads to more issues than they solve, whether it be causing further slow downs or boot issues.
2. Surface you're using the remove/install the ram :- As with most things that are related to electronics you should use a sturdy surface that is free from conductive material, emphasis on sturdy here. Board was all over the place.
3. The CPU fan :- Since CPU fans use a ball bearing mechanism that is quite sensitive to dust and usually are rated to only rotate in one direction having it move when you use the can or air can lead to issues later down the road.

Great video, hope to see more.