How to Secure Your Gmail Account with Two-Step Authentication (Password + Phone)

Sometimes we forget our password to our Google email/Gmail account and because of this we will lose all access to our Gmail account and other services associated with it.Since we would be unable to verify who we say we are by password it will be impossible to get back into our account.In this post i will show you how you can put an additional security measure to your Gmail account making it harder for anyone to break into and also serve as a verification method in case you forget your password.This security measure is TWO-Step Authentication (Password + Phone)., it includes your password and further a text message or voice note code sent to your mobile phone number.

Lets get started...

Step 1
Log into your Gmail account and click on the square box at the top right hand corner.
Step 2
On the top right hand where they have the square box -> click My Account
Step 3

Click on Sign-in & Security
Step 4

Scroll down & you should see Signing in to Google, at Password & Sign-in method choose 2-Step Verification.
  Step 5

Click Start setup and you will be prompted to log back into your account with your current password.

Step 6

After logging in back to your Gmail account you will be asked to enter a mobile number.Adding a mobile number allows Google to  send a numeric code via text or voice call to your phone when ever you sign in from an untrusted computer or device.

Step 7

You will see the screen like above after you have set your primary number, you can also choose a backup number in case the primary number is unavailable .For this post we will set only one number.
in from an untrusted computer or device.

Step 8

When you are finish at step 7 click back on the square at the top and click on Gmail to go back to your mail.

 Step 9
Congratulations you have just configured Two Step Verification for your Gmail account which will increase your Gmail security.
Note: If your email account is important, you will protect it so implement these steps and also share this post with your friends.Thank you..

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