Google Merges into Alphabet, A New Holding Company

Google is no longer a single company, as a matter of fact it is now a subsidiary owned by a larger company named Alphabet.

Alphabet is the brain child of Larry Page who is the ex-ceo of GOOGLE.

Alphabet will retain Sergey Brin who was president at Google,Eric Schmidt who was executive chairman and chief financial officer Ruth Porst.It is noted that most of ex-management will be kept to continue running the company (alphabet) but Google itself will be run by Sundar Pichai..

Sundar Pichai is an Indian-born  manager who was running most of the Google services all the while, the only difference now  is that he will be heading up the CEO position at Google now.

With this new merge of Google and Alphabet, most of Google`s branches will be placed under Alphabet.Ventures will be headed by Bill Maris;Sidewalk Labs by Dan Doctoroff;X Labs by AStro Teller;Fiber by Craig Barratt;Capital by David Lewee and Calico by Arthur D.Levison.

We are still unsure whether if DeepMind Technologies and Project Loon fit will still fall under Google directly or under Alphabet directly.

With Larry Page being at the head of the Alphabet company which will run Google and many other companies under the Google portfolio,he will now have alot  of  more time to focus on new ventures.

In the near future as google aquires new ideas and companies they will be either added to a division of google or will be totally independent.An example would be if Instagram was to be acquired by Google for $30 billion dollars tomorrow, it will most likely be apart of Google but will remain independent.Another example is if Tesla Motors was bought it would be outside of Google but inside of Alphabet.

Alphabet will still be trading as GOOG.

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