15 Cool things you can do on the internet for Free

1. Learn how to make a website

You can learn how to make a website easy, this website teaches you step by step how to make a website within 15 minutes or less.Check out Websitegm.

2. Learn to Code

You can learn to do computer programming and coding at Code Academy which offers free coding/programming courses for you to get started right away.They have computer programming courses in HTML5, Java, PHP, Phyton etc.So if you want to get started in website development or software development programming that`s the place to be.Check out Code Academy.

3.Read Ebooks

They are tons of e-books online for you to read for free at Project Gutenberg and also at the open library.You can check out Calibre if you are the organize type and you want them in an orderly fashion.Check out Project Gutenberg.

4.Create and edit Photos easily

Gimp is a free image editing software where you can create, re-create and edit photos easily.Check out Gimp.

5.Learn a new Language Online

If you have always wanted to learn a foreign language easily in the comfort of your home well you can at Duolingo.Here you can learn Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, etc.
Check out Durolingo.

6.Take a Free Online Course

You can take a free online course at Coursera, Khan Academy or MIT.Courses offered here are free and will help propel you towards what ever field of study you are pursuing.The great thing about this is that it`s all free and you do this all from the comfort of your home.Check them out below:

7.Receive Medicine

Get discounts on medicines by finding coupons on your prescriptions at GoodRX.Check out GoodRX

8.Get Free Music

You can download Free Sheet Music from IMSLP, they have a library of Free Sheet Music that are within the public domain.Check out IMSLP

9.Get Help with your Finances

Manage your finances more efficiently and effectly at Mint.Check out Mint.

10.Free Documentary Online

You can watch free documentary online at Documentary Heaven.They have lots of documentaries on various topics.You will never get bored again, you may even learn something new.Check out Free Documentary

11.Listen to your Favourite Music

Find latest music from your favourite artist, create playlists and even find new and upcoming artists at Spotify.You can also listen to to radio online at Live365.Check them out below:

12.Find a Therapist

Do you have a problem and you want help?Find someone to listen to you or a professional therapist with whom you can talk privately online.Check out 7 Cups of Tea.

13.Locate your Stolen Laptop/Device

You can track your laptop or mobile device by location so if it has been stolen you will be able to find it.Check out Prey Anti-Theft.

14.Watch public domain CCTV cameras Online

You can watch CCTV cameras that are around the world.Check out below:

15.Make Friends with an Inmate

You can make friends with an inmate at Meet-An-Inmate, this is an online website which has a Penpal Service that matches you with inmates who are locked up in prison in the US.Check out Meet an Inmate

16.Just Relax

Relax and have fun at Rainy Mood. and don`t forget to share this post,lol.

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