The Right Protection and Security is Necessary for Staying Safe Online.

Today`s technology is moving at such a fast paste that it is only obvious that we put security on all our computing devices (laptops,mobile phones, tablets, ipads,etc).The average household has a minimum of two devices per person, this would mean that data is stored across all of these devices and then would be moved to and fro depending on the user`s needs.A typical example would be word documents being stored on laptops, social security information being stored on your desktop,documents,videos and photos being stored on your mobile phone and so.
Now with all this data being stored on all these different devices,it is only natural for cybercriminals to try and steal your data or even compromise your device.For this particular reason it is absolutely necessary that we protect each device with anti-virus software.Mobile devices are more likely to get targeted because people are of the opinion that their mobile devices don`t need security.The truth is that they need protection too.

Anti-virus for iPhones and Android devices

Having anti-virus to protect your mobile devices is very important and absolutely necessary in today`s world.Viruses and malware do infect mobile devices and though Apple Store and Google Playstore takes steps to prevent this some viruses and malware still pass through.So if your mobile device is not protected by anti-virus it could surely be infected.Malware and viruses that usually gets downloaded to your mobile devices can steal personal information off of your mobile device and the person who is usually receiving this data on the back-end can do any thing they want with it,so be cautious.They are alot of malicious software out there that comes packed as free apps,the reality is that most have hidden addon features which can  harm your mobile phone, some even affect the performance of your mobile device. So if you are gonna download any free apps from the playstore,apple store or any where else make sure you check out the reviews and who are the developers of these apps.In 2014, 16 million android devices were infected with malware which competed with malware on windows laptops.  

I strongly suggest that you get anti-virus software for your mobile devices and make sure that they are regularly updated because your anti-virus database engine must be current also.Why would you help someone steal your personal data when you can prevent them?.You will be glad you installed anti-virus software for your device, But don`t just download and install any anti-virus, most free versions do basic protection against the latest threats and may further try to make you purchase a full version.Though the basic versions may protect you partially, it`s always good to know that you are fully protected by purchasing a full version.

Data Backup for Mobile Computing

Ok, we know now that anti-virus solutions are necessary for our mobile devices, we need now to backup our personal data and do it regularly on all our devices just in the event you lose any one of them.We must take into consideration that backing up of our data is as important as scanning our portable devices for malware, adware,spyware etc.Data backup is important and if we like saving data to different mobile devices we should upload our data to the cloud and then syn between mobiles devices when needed.We should sync to the cloud atleast once every week,they are lots of cloud based solutions that offer free storage packages.Get on board with one of them below and Backup your Data Now!!

Top Rated Anti-Virus for Mobile Computing (Download the free version and you can upgrade to the paid version later)


Top Rated Cloud Storage Solutions for your Data (Signup for free and you can upgrade to the paid version later)

1.Drop Box     
2.One Drive    

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