Signs of Hard Drive Failure : A Recap...

What is a hard disk drive ?

I guess by now you would have heard the name hard drive before, if not i will give you a brief description of what exactly is an hard drive or hard disk drive (HDD).A hard disk drive is an important computer part within a computer and it is used for the storage and retrieval of data, example saving of your word documents, pictures, videos and music files.If  your hard disk drive were to fail you would not be able to store or retrieve temporarily or probably permanent depending on why it failed in the first place.A typical hard drive is made up of one or more hard rapidly rotating discs known as platters, their surfaces are coated with magnetic material and they use these magnetic heads to write data to the surfaces and further read data from it.Today`s hard disk drive have maintained it`s dominant force in the technology area as a secondary storage device because their has been significant advances in the technology and as such, it has seen decrease in cost, physical size and increases in capacity and speed.

Symptoms of a failing hard drive 
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