How to Recover Hidden Files from Virus infected USB Pendrive or Flashdrive

Have you ever cleaned your pen drive or flash drive of a virus and when you open it all of your files have disappeared or have just become hidden.Well this is what some viruses do, they tend to change file attributes causing windows to hide files.In this short post i will show you how you can unhide these files that have gone missing.
Let`s begin:

1.First make sure you are within the administrator account for your computer.Now place your Pendrive or Flash drive into the USB port of your computer.Make sure you are able to see it in My Computers and remember the drive letter (in this case my drive letter is (E:).

N.B: Once you plug in your flash drive, windows should pick it up automatically and you will see the drive letter assigned to it (e.g. here (E:).

2.From the start menu, Click Start->Type cmd->hit Enter.

3.When the black screen pops up, type your drive letter e.g -> E:

4.Once you are in the prompt type -> attrib -s -h /s /d *.* (Remember to put a space after each letter like below)

6.Now just wait for a few seconds and then your files should be visible again, check and you should see your hidden files).

7.That`s it, you have just unhidden your files.

8.Check out the video Here.

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