How to configure Telnet on a Cisco Router

What is Telnet?
Though this is not the safest network protocol for communicating with a router remotely, i will still
use it as an example here.Later down i will do a remote connection with a much more secure
protocol like SSH.Now let me explain to you what exactly is the Telnet protocol.The Telnet
protocol  allows you to remotely make a connection to another computer or computer device within the same network or outside of the network.Here in this tutorial we will connect to a router from a pc within the network.

Why are we connecting via Telnet?
Give you a basic idea how the remote connectivity works with telnet configurations in a router.

Before we begin this tutorial it is mandatory that you place a password on the router before you
begin.Please see setting up passwords on a router before you start.

Step 1 - Enabling the virtual terminal password on the Cisco router.

1.Enable password on the router and also accept remote connections.
2.Double click the router and click the "CLI" Tab (Command Line Interface).
3.When ask  if to "Continue with configuration dialog"?, type no and press enter.

4.Type enable and press enter.
5.Type config t and press enter (takes you to configuration mode).
6.In config mode type, line vty 0 4 and press enter.
7.At the command line type password (your password), my vty password is cdac here, press enter.

8.Type login and press enter. 9.Type do wr (Writes configuration to memory) and press enter.

10.Type exit or CTRL z to exit

Step 2 - Setting the ip address of the router so that we can connect remotely.
1.Type enable or en and then press enter.
2.Type interface fastEthernet and the type, when finish press enter (in my scenario it`s 0/0).
3.At the command line type ip address (this is my ip address
followed by the subnet mask (Class C ip address)).Press enter
4.Type no shutdown and press enter.
5.You should now see the state of the router moved from down to up, your router is now accessibile.
6.Type exit or CTRL Z to exit.

Step 3 - Setting the ip addresses on the client machine and further telnet from PC0 to the router.

1.Please see Configuring Routers and Pc`s in Packet Tracer step number 2.
2.After clicking on the configuration tab->static
3.Set the Ip Address as follows:
   -IP Address            :
   -Subnet Mask         :
   -Default Gateway    :

4.Do the same for PC1 with Ip Address as follows:
   -IP Address            :
   -Subnet Mask         :
   -Default Gateway    :

5.Ping the router`s ip address ( from PC0 to test for connectivity.Please see
Configuring Routers and Pc`s in Packet Tracer step # 3 to ping a machine.

Step 4 - Connecting to the router via Telnet from PC0.

1.Click on PC0
2.Click on the Desktop Tab then  click on command prompt in the sub interface.
3.At the command prompt type telnet (ip address of the router), in my case the router ip address is press enter.
4.You should be prompted to enter your password for the remote connection.(Enter your password)
press enter.
5.You will be asked to enter the password for the router, (enter your password for the router)press enter.
5.Now you are in the router from a remote client (PC0).

6.You can go ahead and do remote configurations from PC0 as how you would from CLI of router0.
7.That`s it, you can go back to playing that video game now, Thanks.

Have you been able to Telnet into your router?

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