I/O Denim Jeans are designed for your smartphones.

With so many different designs in jeans wear today : slim fit, close fit or just right fit for you,there is yet another design waiting for you to try and these are I/O Denim jeans.These jeans are not only hot but they are designed specifically for holding smartphones.

The company that makes I/O denim jeans has combined fashion and technology to suit the needs of it`s customers who are generally smartphone lovers of HTC`s, the Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple iphone, etc, it`s all about comfort, style and convenience.

The jeans has I/O pockets on the left leg,on the knee and on the hip along the seam and these I/O pockets are tailored to hold any smartphone with a 4.8 inch screen or smaller, just perfect for Apple`s iphone, Samsung Galaxy or Android.

The I/O Denim jeans company was noted as saying that the jeans are specifically designed for people who can`t seem to get there smart phones out of their standard size jeans pockets easily.This jeans design was inspired by the company`s CEO  Mr. Anand Venkatrao who at the time nearly got into an accident while trying to get his smartphone out of his jeans pocket while driving.You can check out this video about I/O denim on youtube and why it is convenient to be wearing one.

I/O Denim jeans are 100% cotton which means that they fit you just fine and the feel is terrific plus the cost for a pair is only $115, which is cheap compared to other jeans on the market.If you would like to purchase a pair of  I/O Denim you can do so on the company`s website.

Image complements of  I/O Denim.

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Women’s jeans said...

Lovely looks!! Its really nice to see such kind of jeans and hopefully i'm pleased and would like to wear that and I can hope that very soon I will arrange that. Thanks