How to set passwords for microsoft office 2007 files

Today i will show you a little trick on how you can password protect your files in Microsoft Office
 2007,note this is a feature that is embedded in Microsoft Office 2007 and with that said and done, let`s get started!!

Please note securing your Microsoft Office files (.doc ,.ppt, etc) is important  to make it safe and secure.

1.Open  any Microsoft office's application such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc.For this tutorial i will use microsoft office word.

2.Click on the Microsoft office icon on the left hand side of the window.

3.From the drop down list click on "Prepare" which will pop up another sub-menu.

4.Choose "Encrypt Document".

5.A pop up box will appear for you to enter your unique password.

6.When you have finished entering it, another will pop up to confirm the password.

7.You have just encrypted/password protected your document so when ever you try to open this document you will have to enter a password.Now go ahead and try this with other documents.Let me know if you enjoyed this post.

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