How to restore an ipad to factory default.

The reasons behind restoring the ipad to factory default settings may vary.You may want to give the ipad to a family member or co-worker or you probably would like resell it to someone and you need to wipe off your data from it.Another valid reason might be because you are having problems with the ipad`s operating system (ios) and a complete restore to default settings would be the best first step in troubleshooting your problematic ipad.By doing a complete system restore it will further clean out any corrupted data which might be affecting you ipad.

Restoring your ipad to factory settings is easy using iTunes, below are some simple steps that will get you started:

1.Simply plug the ipad`s usb cable connector into your Pc or Mac.

2.Click and open iTunes on your computer system.(Once you have iTunes installed on your computer it should automatically pop up when you plug the ipad cable in).

3.On the left side of the iTunes window under devices you should be able to see your ipad device.
4.Click on your ipad device as shown in the picture below.

5.After clicking on your ipad device you will be greeted on the right side pane of the iTunes window with information about your device, under the version listing you should see an "update button" and a "restore button".

6.Click the restore button shown.

7.Once you have click on the restore button iTunes will prompt you to backup your data for your ipad device.You should go ahead and backup your data just in case you will need it in the future.Please see dialog box above...

8.After you would have "backed up" your data to a location on your computer or removable drive iTunes should ask you to confirm that you want to restore your device to factory settings, choose "restore and update".

9.The restore and update process will take a couple of minutes and it will make your ipad device reboot (don`t unplug the usb cable as the ipad reboots because if you do it will disrupt the restore process).

10.Once the reboot has completed successfully your ipad will appear fresh as when you first received it.Note all data will be erased, but if you did the restore for troubleshooting purposes you can go right ahead and get started.

This post was written in relation to a question by a reader on how you can reload or restore the ipad to factory default.If you would like to add anything to this post please let me know by way of comments.

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