Facts on solar power

Today if you look around you will realize that the planet Earth which we live on is full of many enviromental issues.These problems which includes pollution and global warming contribute significantly to the way the Earth is changing everyday.Though this might be an issue,they have always been a solution to the problem and this solution lies in solar power.It`s just that people have not been fully realizing it`s importance and benefits.

Solar power is the solution to our enviromental worry, the power of solar energy have been researched by scientists many years ago and was considered an alternative energy source but because of little technological knowledge base, it was not pursued.Solar power back then were used in mini electrical devices like calculators and battery chargers.Today in 2013, with all the technological advancement in the field of solar power, solar  has proven and has become an alternate energy source for many.In the United States alone, solar power is used in most states by individuals on private projects such as lighting and some heating but because of the high costs of larger solar panels most people continue to use electricity from the electric company.Like i said before, larger solar power panels can be costly but i have recently  been noticing that their prices have been becoming more and more affordable for the mass.

If you are interested in investing in solar power energy, you should consider buying solar power kits which are much cheaper with prices ranging from $300 to $600.

Before you decide on using solar power, here are some facts that you should know:

1.The great Albert Einstein received a nobel prize in 1921 for experimentations on photovoltaic cells and
solar power.

2.Silicon harvested from one ton of sand when used in photovoltaic panels can produce the same quantity
of electricity that of 500,000 T of burning coals.

3.Over 100,000 US citizens are using solar energy to power their home.

4.The first large scale solar power plant was opened in California.

5.If you have a heating system integrated in your home and you are using solar energy to power it, then your electricity bill will be cut by as much as 50%.

6.The prices for solar power panels have dropped considerably within the past 30 years, about 200%.
solar power kits can now be purchased for $200 - $600.

7.The energy produced by the sun takes around eight minutes to travel to the earth, making solar power the perfect candidate for energy.

8.The first solar powered air craft flew across the United States in 1990 powered only by solar energy.

9.In the 1830`s, the British astronomer John Herschel cooked food in a solar collection box while on his tour of Africa.

For those looking to get into solar power, it is advisable to get started with solar power kits.It is cheap and easy to use.The materials can be bought from your local hardware store and the manuals provided are easy to follow.Note that when purchasing your solar power kit make sure it is manufactured by a prominent and trusted company, this is to ensure efficiency and durability.Many manufacturers provides warranty for at least 10-15 years.

Facts provided above will assist you in deciding whether you can benefit from solar or not.Solar thrives on sunlight, so if sunlight shines through out the year, this is excellent for you.Solar power is free and clean.Investment is only a one time thing, the energy that comes after is completely free.

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