How to know if someone has hacked your yahoo account

Dear Kwesi, i think someone has hacked my yahoo mail account because my friends have received mails from me last week that i can`t recall sending out.I would like to know if it is possible that my yahoo mail account could have been hacked and how can i get proof of this.Also can you please tell me what are the steps that i need to take to secure and prevent this from ever happening again.


Hi Alecia,

Yes your account could have been hacked.I am sorry this has happened so in this tutorial i will attempt to answer your questions.I did some research and i have found that they are some interesting ways by which you can know if someone has logged into your yahoo account without your permission and also how you can secure it and further prevent it from happening again.In the short tutorial below you will get all the juicy details on how this can be done....

How to know if someone has hacked your yahoo mail...

Before we begin you need to be logged in to your yahoo mail account, once logged in you need to go over to the right side corner of your screen.It will read Hi,"your name" and not "Apc".It will look like below....

From there you need to go to "Account Info" which will take you to some help options.Once you have clicked on "Account Info" a new browser page will immediately open up and you will need to log back into your yahoo account.The page which looks something like below......

Viewing your recent login activity on yahoo

As soon as you would have logged into your account again you will be taken to a page looking something like below

You will now see a couple of options at this login view on the left hand side but you are only interested in “Sign-in and Security”.From “Sign-in and Security” click “View Your Recent Login Activity” which is located at the bottom of the list on the left hand side.From here you will be greeted with a list of the previous times your yahoo account has been logged into along with information of the location of the user/s who has logged in, you are also given the option of viewing the ip addresses and also the time when it was accessed etc.See my recent login activity below

Once your are suspicious that your yahoo account has been hacked, i strongly recommend that you change your password and also change up all your security questions and security information.I have done a tutorial on why you should not only change your password in your yahoo account but also your security questions but i have not posted it up as yet, i will do so soon so look out.

You can change your password after clicking help and further clicking "change your password " found at the top of the activity page.Please see below...

How to secure your yahoo account after it has been hacked?

If your account has been hacked like my friend Alecia above and you would like to take steps to prevent this from happening again, i recommend you follow these simple tips that i have put together below:

1.Change your password and security information in your yahoo account immediately.
2.Create a secure sign in seal so that you can limit yahoo account logins to specific computers   and mobile devices.
3.Notify yahoo immediately here.
4.Don`t share your password with anyone.
5.Don`t log on to unsecure networks (wireless or wired) that you don`t trust.

They are tons of information about securing your yahoo account at yahoo help.

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