Release of AVG 2013 Free

As seen throughout 2012 technology has really changed beyound our imagination but regardless of
 this antivirus softwares still are the number one safe guards against computer threats such as viruses, trojans and other exploits.A recent case study has shown that AVG Free 2012 antivirus software has proven to be the best of them of all, so for those of you who already  have AVG Free 2012 would know this.For those who have it you must upgrade to AVG Free 2013 and for those who don`t they can make a quick download and install of AVG 2013 because the year 2012 is almost finished.Today i will give you some reasons why you should go with the new and improved AVG 2013 Free antivirus.

Features for AVG 2013 Free

AVG 2013 Free has just been released and comes packed with lots of new features and bonus improvements.One such feature of AVG 2013 is it`s ability to identify common threats before they reach your computer system like those fake antivirus softwares out ther.It`s link scanner tool which has been updated includes a memory monitoring feature which senses when your browser e.g Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer is using too much memory and quickly alerts you.

Easy Install - The AVG website here would direct you to download the installation file at which is a 4MB online installer which initiates the download of the complete installation files (a mere 33MB in size).

Note:The disadvantage of online installers is that your computer must have internet connection
before any install is started and also if you want to install that particular software on different computers you must download the installer on each computer individually before the full software gets installed.This can be very frustrating as some people do not have internet access.

For those who do not have access to the internet but would like to download AVG Free 2013 antivirus, there is always the option of downloading the entire software in Zip format from a computer with internet access and then later extract the files necessary to complete the installation.

You can install the complete version of AVG free 2013 antivirus in Zip format from AVG`s website here.The download is in 32 and 64 bit.

Here are the features in a Nutshell:

- Very Simple Interface - The interface is very simple and easy use.
- 24/7 Free Support - Support for the software has been updated to include everyone, this was not available in previous versions.
- Email Scanner     - More intense email scans.
- Linkscanner Surf Shield - Does checking of files before you download them online.
- AVG Social Networking Protection - Protection for the social networking like Facebook, twitter.
- AVG Do Not Track - A privacy feature that helps from websites tracking you.
- Identity Protection - Protects against identity fraud online.
- AVG Wifi Guard - Protects your wireless networks and connection against outside threats.
- AVG Smart Scanner - Scans much faster and knows what to scan for (30% faster).
- Game Mode - Stops pop ups when playing games.
- Free - The basic version is free however you can opt for the paid version which includes more features.

If you have choosen to install the Avg Free 2013, please tell us what you think of it so we can share it with our readers.


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