How to clean your pc keyboard

Your keyboard is considered a very useful and important input device, but not because it is important that does not mean that it will not attract dust and dirt.The truth is that it will accumilate dust and dirt over time.

They are many ways by which you can clean your computer keyboard but before you start any such cleaning or dusting just make sure you turn off the computer and unplug the keyboard from your CPU.If  the keyboard is wireless or blu-tooth enabled just make sure you take the batteries out.
Dust is a common problem on keyboards and many other computer peripherals items, the problem gets even more problematic when you are in an office and your typing may be affected and sometimes you may start sneezing.On the upside dust on the keyboard as a problem can be easily solved, you just need to on a regular basis get a small little soft brush like the one used below for dusting the keyboard.
If you are not satisfied with the little brush`s performance and you think you need something a bit more precise on dust-you can buy a can of compressed air or a mini hand held vacuum cleaner, these should do the job just perfect.

For more on mini-hand held vacuum cleaners and compressed hair check out these out.

Be aware that you computer keyboard can breed germs just as easy as any other thing, your job is to keep it germ free at all times.Using disinfectant sprays are a good idea but only use the ones that are electronic friendly such as those made from isopropyl alcohol solutions.Note any percentage above 60% will do the trick. 

Remember it is important that you use the isopropyl solution and not ethyl based solutions as these contain a higher percentage of alcohol levels and further will tend to erase the letter writings on your keyboard.

Cleaning the keyboard with the alcohol solution is easy just get a piece of soft cloth or paper towel and pour a little amount of the alcohol on it and then gently wipe your keyboard keys.Remember do not make a mistake and pour the liquid solution on the keyboard.

Liquid Spills
If you or someone have accidentally spilled liquid on the keyboard, the first thing that should be done is to unplug it from your computer.Trust me you don`t want a water filled keyboard plugged into an electrical source as this may do more harm than good.Let`s say the liquid that was spilled was soda or drink, it would mean that your keyboard will  automatically become sticky and uncomfortable when typing.To get this out,the first thing that you should do is to get paper towel and start mopping up the excess water on the keys immediately before it drys.

The process of cleaning these sticky keyboard keys is a bit challenging and it will require that you separate the keys from the board for a much more thorough cleanout.If you haven`t already memorized the positions of all the keys on the board, i would recommend that you take a picture with a digital camera to capture the keys positions so that when you are ready to put them back on the board you will know exactly what goes where.

Desktop computer keyboards are the easiest to remove, all you need is a small butter knife and a little flat head screw driver placed underneath the keys and the screw driver is used to pry it upwards like below.Much force is not needed and when you hear a pop it means the keys is out.

Laptop keys are also easy to come off, all that is needed is just your finger nails to pull it up, but be very careful as the plastic is much thinner than the desktops and may break if handled too rough.Once the keys are off you can go about wiping the corners of the keys with the alcohol solution.

You can clean the keys by washing them in warm water or you can use cotton swabs.To place the keys back on you should just have to put the key back over the position that push down and when you hear a click it should be on.Once the cleaning was done properly the keys should not feel sticky anymore.

If you have any other great ideas on how to effectively clean keyboards, please feel free to share with us by leaving a comment.

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