Increase Virtual Ram and make your Pc run faster

Follow the steps below to increase Virtual Ram and speed up your computer:

1.First right click My Computer and then select the Properties.

2.Now click the Advanced Tab.

3.While you are on the Advanced Tab, you will see three settings to choose from named:(Performance, User Profiles, Startup and Recovery).

4.Under the Performance Tab, click Settings.

5.When the Performance Options pops up click the Advanced Tab.

5.Where you see virtual memory, click the change button and set the Custom size.

6.Under the drive (c:), you will see the amount of space available depending on your hard drive size.

7.For Initial Size set it to anywhere from 1100-1500 and for the Maximum Size set it anywhere from
2100 -2500.

8.When you are finished click Set and then ok.Exit all windows.

9.You need to restart your machine after you are finish for changes to take effect.You will now have over 1GB to 2GB of virtual Ram added to increase your system performance.

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Anonymous said...

i tried increasing the virtual memory like you said.Question is that wouldn`t it be better if you put in more memory in the system itself?