How To Download Torrent Files Without Using Torrent Client

A little while back i downloaded files from Torrent clients like hotfile, rapidshare, bitorrent etc.It was all good up until i started experiencing download errors consistently when trying to download them and after downloading them.I took it onto myself to find an easy  to download from these torrent sites without having to actually be on the torrent sites themselves, well i have found a way.Today i will show you how to do this through Internet download manager and which is so easy and cool.

Here is what you do :


1.Install and download Internet download manager.Read more about Internet download manager Here.

2.Go to any torrent site e.g and copy the Url link of the file you want to download  from  that torrent site, you can paste the link somewhere safe like notepad as you will need to use it just now.

3.Now go to this website -

4.Paste the link of the Url address e.g (http:\\ that you would have saved in notepad into the box below.Note you can upload a torrent file if you want.

5.Now click on Go Free.

 See how easy that was !

Given by how well you have followed the steps outlined above you will notice that the site where you entered the Torrent File web address will initate a full download for you and further you will receive the link to download the file, however since you have already downloaded Internet download manager earlier it should start the download automatically. at your leisure.Download manager will give you the opportunity to pause, resume, stop and restart the download any time at you feel like.

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