How To Fix New Facebook Chat For Seeing Who’s Really Online

Don`t you think that the new facebook chat sidebar windows sucks?,well i do.The reason why i say this is because it is not very practical and for those people that relie on it for online converstaions will surely agree with me.In this short tutorial i will show you how you can fix the new facebook chat sidebar and revert back to the old facebook chat sidebar.

The new facebook chat sidebar window was designed to be more helpful and smarter, but it`s neither of the two.Here is what was integrated into the new chat sidebar, first off the new chat window displays all
 your contacts that you will most likely chat with and there isn`t any way to find out if someone is online or offline.Let`s take into consideration that you would like to avoid a friend that is on your friend list but still want to send a messages through the new facebook chat to other people.To do this you will have to check the "Available for chat" in order to see who is online,by doing this your cover will be blown and you will be seen by the very person who you are trying to hide from (status will be shown as Available).

Here is another visible fact with the Facebook`s new chat sidebar, it takes up alot of space and if you are using a smaller monitor you will get frustrated.Take note that the previous facebook chat bar was cool in the sense that it allowed for you to see if someone was online and it did not randomize the persons that were online.I don`t know what is wrong with these facebook`s techs - always trying to reinvent the wheel when it`s not necessarily needed.The main purpose of this tutorial like i said earlier is to show you how to fix (remedy) facebook`s new chat sidebar window and further more revert back to the old chat sidebar window.....

To complete this simple task you will require either Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera while working with windows Operating system.

Fixing the facebook`s chat side bar will require you to use different add-ons or extentions.

For those that are already using Google Chrome there is an add on named the facebook chat sidebar disabler which will rectify the new facebook chat sidebar,and further more return you to the older facebook chat sidebar which i know you prefer.This add on can be downloaded Here.Once you would have finished downloading and installing,you are required to refresh the facebook chat sidebar window.

For those using Mozilla Firefox there is this add on named FB chat sidebar disabler which will get the job done quickly.Just download it Here and note the installation can be done on your windows or Mac that has Mozilla running as it`s browser.

The extentions listed above will fix the new facebook chat sidebar for good, allowing you to revert back to the old Facebook sidebar which is more convenient and workable.If this tweak has been a bit helpful in your facebook experience, let us know by comments what you think.

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