Worlds shortest woman

Have you ever wondered who is the world`s smallest woman? Well i will let you know in a few.After doing some research online i have found that a 19 year old young woman from India named Jyoti Amge is the current world`s smallest woman measuring in at about 2ft 2inch (equivalent to 62.8cm) after taking the position from the 22 year old American Bridgette Jordan.

According to the Lima and Guiness book of records, Jyoti Amge (born on December 16.1993)of Nagpur in India is the confirmed world`s shortest woman.

On the 16th of December, 2011 the Guinness book of world record formally declared Jyoti Amge as the world`s shortest woman, standing at a height of 62.8cm.Her small physical size is dued to a condition known as growth anomaly or achondroplasia.

Everything for Jyoti is customed made to suite her little fingers and feet and she even has her own little bed to sleep on at nights.Dued to her small and unlikely size she has attracted stardom in Bollywood with her wanting to become a star in Bollywood.

Here is a video of here below:

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i wonder if this mini woman can make children, nice share kwesi.