How to write protect your usb drive

Most malware and viruses use this method to spread like wild fire from computer to computer and also external drives.Basically here is what happens,whenever an infected usb drive is plugged into a computer, windows auto-run default feature kicks in and the virus spreads onto your system.

Today i will share a useful little tool that i came across online a couple of days ago,why i took so long to share it with you was because i had to test it out first.This useful tool gives you the power to write protect your usb drive.Why would you write protect your usb drive?

If you have a virus on a particular computer and you want to plug your usb drive  which includes software on it to get  this virus off the computer, at the same time you don`t want your usb drive getting infected.Now that`s one heck of a reason why you would want to write protect your usb drive.

This useful little tool is named Thumbscrew and it sits on your right hand side of the system tray, thumbscrew gives you the opportunity to enable or disable write protection functions on your flash drive.Giving you the power to keep your usb drive safe.

Check images below:

Usb Write Enabled

Usb Write Disabled

Installation Instructions

1.Download Thumbscrew
2.Extract the files
3.Click Thumbscrew.exe (should show up in your system tray)
4.You are finished, go ahead and enable and disable write protect on your
   usb drive.

Download Thumbscrew Here (233 kb)

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