How to check computer specs

Today i will show you how to locate the hardware and other specs for your computer such as memory, hardware, motherboard type, speed, etc.
For windows: 2000, xp, vista and windows 7

1. Dxdiag : This includes DirectX and the utility allows you to view all system information.This information can be easily stored in an text file to be checked at another time.To start the DirectX utility you should: click on start->run->type dxdiag->press enter.The diagnostic screen comes up and you will be able to check your system specs.

2. Msinfo32 : Windows also comes with another great utility that allows you to check full system specs easy.This utility is called msinfo32 and it is used on 32bit systems.Here is how you get to this utility, click start->type msinfo32->press enter.When the screen comes up you can go and check out your system specs.

3. Device Manager : The device manager for windows basically gives you detailed information about all installed hardware device and drivers on your computer system, if a hardware device is not installed properly on your computer or it does not have drivers, this utility will indicate this to you by showing errors.This is a very useful tool for diagnosing hardware faults in your computer system.

Third Party Utility
4. Fresh Diagnose : Another great third party utility for checking system specs and also helping you diagnose and analyze problems on your computer system is Fresh Diagnose.

If you know of another good utility that will help in checking full computer specs please share with us by either sending us a mail or leaving a comment.Thanks and bye for now.

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