How to set a video as your wallpaper in vlc

Here is a cool trick for those of you who would like to watch a video while doing work on your computer at the office or home.You would find this trick very cool.

The first thing you need to do is get VLC media player installed on your computer, i have placed the link below.Once it has been downloaded and installed on your machine, click and open VLC->click the tools tab ->preferences

As the preference window comes up, you select the video icon on the left

After clicking on the video icon, the video settings will show up - from the output dropdown list select DirectX Video Output.

When you have finished click save and exit, restart VLC there after.

In this step you will select a video that will be played with VLC media player instead of your regular wallpaper.Select a video that you like and open it with VLC media player.As the video is playing right click on the playing video and choose video and then click Directx wallpaper.

If you have windows Aero themes enabled in windows 7 you might get a typical warning message below, then your theme will be switched automatically to a basic theme.

As soon as the wallpaper gets enabled, you can minimize the VLC media player, enjoy your video and still do your work.

Whenever you decide that you would like to switch back to viewing your static wallpaper, you just have to right click on the desktop and further click on the theme that you want to see as your wallpaper.

This may not be the best wallpaper idea but it surely is a cool and it beats having to watch a static wallpaper everyday.

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