Make 2 free calls per day anywhere in the world

Yesterday while browsing online i came across a really cool pc to phone website called Evaphone that allows you to make 2 free phone calls per day to any phone in the world.This is great, as Evaphone allows for 2 free local and international internet phone calls to any phone in the world.All that is needed to start making free VOIP calls from the internet is a highspeed internet connection and a working computer.
This free service comes with a little twist though, the call duration for calls made using Evaphone is limited to only 1 minute.This is very convenient and inexpensive for people who probably would usually just want to drop a voice greeting to their family or friends that is far away or abroad.The other thing about Evaphone is that you only get 2 calls per day and if you want to extend that number on that same day you have pay for the service.Which is relatively inexpensive.

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