Hp Touchpad Problems

Today`s post is a bit short but informative.I received this message in my email from my friend who had a H.P laptop and the touch pad was locked.She was getting no where fast and was frustrated, the email draft below explains:

Tiffany:Hi Kwesi, i have recently bought this laptop from Starz computer, however for some strange reason the laptop mouse pad seems to not be working or it is locked and i have been forced to use only the keypad.Can you please show me how to unlock the mouse pad so i can finish my work.

How to unlock the hp laptop mouse pad?

Unlocking the hp mouse pad is easy just follow the steps below :
1.On the touchpad itself of the hp laptop (at the top left corner), there should be a led light.If this light is on the touchpad is locked and you would not be able to use the mouse features of the laptop.If  the light is off you should be able to use the mouse features.

2.To unlock the touch pad, just take your finger and tap on the light a little hard once and it should automatically come off, therefore unlocking the touchpad.Tapping it again will make the light go on and further locking it.

3.Tada!!, that`s it on how to lock or unlock your hp touch pad.

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