How to extend your iPhone battery life

One thing that really annoys cell phones users is when they are on a phone call and suddenly the battery meter shows that the battery has one bar and before you know it the battery life will die.
I know that this has happen one or more times with you.Note that when you have a phone as powerful as the iphone,it is more than easy to realise why the power of the battery drains fast.Listening to songs that you like, checking mails, watching videos and text messaging several friends - all at once requires alot of cell phone power.By doing all of this simultaneously you will begin to drain the battery of your iphone very quickly, which by the way is very scary.

Though Apple`s website explains the battery life expectancy of a iphone over a period and how not to over use it, this information that is provided only caters for when a iphone user is using one application at a time.But most iphones users are known for their ability to multitask.This multitasking of these users is what really brings the life of the battery down.

However to make your iphone battery last longer, they are a few things that you can do.Note the iphone is not known for draining it`s battery power and as a matter of fact there is always room for extended battery power and performance.Given that you take the advice and follow these steps,you will have an iphone that lasts for a long time.I would say by far the best tip is to disable or turn off the bluetooth when not in use.

This is so because there is a certain amount of power that is controlled by the bluetooth feature of the iphone, the power drains because the phone is always searching for other bluetooth devices.Note that if you are not using your bluetooth device you should turn it off or disable it.Many a time people don`t realise that leaving the bluetooth device on slowly drains the battery.

Another great way of saving battery power on your iphone is to simply lock it when not in use.You should manually lock your iphone as soon as you are finish talking to your friend, checking mails or sending text messages.Another option here is to set it to auto-lock if you don`t want to manually set it.

However, if the power usage was multiplied five times or ten times per day the battery will never stay as long as you might want it to last, for this reason it is important that you set the auto lock feature of the iphone for at least one minute after you finish using your your phone.This will allow the iphone screen to not lit up when it is not being used.Now isn`t this a good way by which to save battery life.

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