Attack of the drones :US Navy chooses Linux for its VTOL aircraft control system

There has recently been some  disagreements between Windows and Mac OS lovers which has caused many to wonder.The tactical control system of the US Navy VTOL(Vertical Take Off and Landing) craft has recently been picked to run on a different operating system.As of recent the US Navy inked a $28 million dollar contract with Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems.The company will overlook the smooth transition of the windows operating system currently running on the VTOL drones to the more secure LINUX operating system.Initially,the Navy will have a minimum of 168 Northrop Grumman MQ-8B Navy Fire Scout drones running the linux OS as part of it`s famous drone system.The decision to transition from windows based OS to linux OS was likely made dued to a malware attack on the Air Force`s windows based drone system last year.The linux operating system (OS) is at the top of the list when it comes to security, no wonder why the Navy chooses it to run the drone`s control systems.

N.B : [Image Credit - Northrop Grumman]

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