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 Have you ever wanted to chat with someone but you could not because they did not speak your language?

Today we will discuss Ortsbo at is a free instant chat translator software used for communicating with friends and family around the world who may speak different languages.Ortsbo chat software can be used especially in tour guides or tour companies, the application supports up to 50 different languages and it even allows for multi language chat in different enviroments.

The Ortsbo chat software is used by over four million people world wide for instant chat translations online.Ortsbo currently integrates with perfectly with facebook, google talk and msn messenger, a few other services will be available soon.

How does Ortsbo work?
Using ortsbo is easy.All you have to do is go to the site, choose the network you want to use ortsbo with and follow the instructions given, if you have any problem you can view their help page.Ortsbo chat translator allows you to enter your text in your native language and when you send that message it translates it for you,Your friend or family who do not speak your language will see your message in their language instantly.When they respond to you, their message is translated by ortsbo to your language.You get to communicate with your Chinese friend Lin Su or your German  buddy Mitovich effectively and not miss a word.Ortsbo also allows for you to translate emails using their email translator app.

Connect with friends, family or tour operators in different countries now, visit:

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