How to repair windows xp without cd

Your system might become unstable because you may have unknowingly downloaded a virus and it has corrupted some of the files that windows need to use.In the real world this is true, you may see your system start to show symptoms such as taking forever to load programs, windows takes a long time to boot up, files and folders start to disappear and reappear and system repeatedly shows a prompt box saying that a file is missing.These are all tell tell signs that your system has a problem, a quick fix is to repair the operating system (OS) before it gets worse.Most people repair windows xp with the windows xp disc or a flash drive that has the boot images installed on it.Today i will show a little trick where you can repair the OS without having to use the windows xp boot disc or a flash drive.Just follow the steps below:


1.Click start->click run

2.With the dialog box promp, type webfldrs.msi then click ok

3.When the dialog box appears click on Select Reinstall Mode

4.Check the relevant boxes and click ok

5.The repair process will start and may take a little while,once it has completed you will be prompted to restart the machine.Please make sure you restart the machine.That`s it, good luck.

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