How to appear offline to certain people on facebook

When I log in to facebook sometimes i don`t want to be disturbed because i might be busy doing some important task at that specific time.I would usually set my status to offline on facebook chat, but this has not helped me a whole lot as i would have missed chatting with the people that i actually wanted to chat with because they thought i was offline (on facebook).Now what do i now?

After a few feedbacks on the matter from some of my friends, i have researched that facebook has settings that you can customize to appear online or offline from specific people when you sign into your account.

Appearing offline to an individual

They are some people that as soon as you go online they start pinging you and sometimes you might not be in the mood for chatting.I have been in that situation before and i know that you have been there too.Here is what you should do, on your right hand chat pane, click on the individual and launch a chat window from there.In the chat window at the top between the "x " and the "camera icon"  click the wheel icon (options).
From here you choose go offline to <your friend>.You will appear offline to this individual now.

Appearing offline from facebook chat

This facebook feature when set to offline will completely take you off of facebook chat.At the bottom right corner click on the same round icon (options) with spikes and choose go offline.

Appearing offline to multiple people

Appearing offline to multiple people is quite different from the two mentioned earlier in the post.Here is what you do, click on the same round icon (options) with spikes in the bottom right corner.This time choose advanced settings and a window will appear, choose the first one as it is most applicable to what we want to do here.Type the names of the people that you want to appear offline to and click save..You will now appear offline to these people.


So friends this weekend you can go log into facebook and go about doing all your important tasks without being distracted.Remember to be very selective and most important i do hope that you have a very peaceful and secure facebook browsing session this weekend.
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