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Hi guys, i have a been receiving alot of emails from my friends asking me about the possibilities of working at home and if they are any legitimate companies that do hire online.Well my answer to that is yes they are legitimate companies offering jobs online, i have done an extensive research on the topic and here is what i have found.

Because the internet have evolved so rapidly, their been a surge in online business ventures, these businesses make the opportunity of working at home a true reality.And they help people like students or stay at home parents and so on.A home based job can be filled by anyone regardless of their age, skills or academic qualifications.

For those that do not possess the basics  in computer knowledge they can do craft work, make toys , catering or even wall painting etc,these are just a few work at home jobs that do not require computer skills.However 65% of the people who do work from the comforts of their home use the internet.

My research have shown that they are over 5000 legitimate work at home opportunities online.All these jobs require is a basic knowledge of computers and some communication skills.

Data entry jobs are very popular as it enables the worker to do work within their own timings and they earn cash.All you are required to do is fill out some forms that are provided by the hiring company are usually paid for your services once or twice per month this depends on the policy of the hiring company- make sure you read it carefully.Most data entry jobs do not require any experience and you just need a basic educational background.

Virtual assistance is another popular one but it is good for those that have prior skill and experience in clerical or administrative services.You can earn alot with this type of online job.Technical or support services can be done by you to the hiring company.

Online surveys and also mystery shopping are other work at home opportunities that would only require a couple of hours per day.These type of jobs are excellent for those mom at home who always busy taking care of kids.

If you like to assemble different items then Home assembly is a great work at home opportunity for you.You get to assemble things you like and earn whilst doing such.With this job you will be assembling physical items for companies, you can either work full time or part time.

Their is a great demand for work at home jobs but you must remember that they are also a great deal of  work at home job scams.Some legitimate companies require you to pay for their package upfront while some are scams.If you are unsure you should do a research on the company and if they are any complaints, you just don`t join them.

Alot of people don`t have any money to invest in these, here is a list of free legitimate programs that you can join and earn:

Here is my list and these companies are international too:

Online Job Oppurtunities, get paid for your skills:

I will add a few more as soon as i find out how legitimate they are, bye and do remember to leave a comment if you find this helpful.

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