How to update your facebook status from anything easy

Today i will show you how to update your facebook status from anything and fast.

Diffulty : Easy

Here is what you do:

1.Go to facebook apps page below:

2.While on the apps page click +create new app on on your top left.

3.After completing that step you need to create your app name and click continue.

4.You need to get your App ID, remember you should copy your App ID code and App Secret code to notepad , save the text file to a safe place on your computer in case you need to change details of your app later.


5.Fun part now, to update your facebook status you need to copy the address below to your browser: App ID Here


  6.You can also post to your friends wall by just putting in your friend`s ID below: Id

Updating your facebook status via anything has just gotten easier, wasn`t this a cool trick ?

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