Advantages and disadvantages of laptop computers

Many people use laptops today as their primary computers because of its many positive features such as portability, low power requirements and further ease of use.

Laptops performances can be matched accordingly to their desktop counterparts and because they are portable by nature they must be smaller and lighter.Though parts such as the motherboard, cpu , memory and graphics card will be more expensive to produce because they are smaller, they still can perform as well as desktops.Although the specifications of a laptop may match the specifications of a powerful desktop, i can bet you that the laptop will be more expensive to repair than the desktop, this is so because manufacturing cost is much higher for the smaller and portable laptop device than the desktop.

Laptops are portable devices which means that you can take them where ever you go and this is  good
reason why they are so popular among people like students and professionals who work on the go and require computer access to do such things like give presentations or access their work offices networks from the road.It is no secret that laptops consume less power and they take up little physical space than desktop machines.Laptop devices are very convenient because you definitely would never walk around with a desktop computer which has keyboard, mouse, monitor,if you decide on doing so to access your office network from the road you will surely have an heavy load.

Laptops are generally more difficult to repair because peripheral devices such as motherboard, graphics cards and cpu are usually difficult to modify or replace because almost all times these peripheral components are vendor locked meaning that you cannot get the part from no where else other than the manufacturers of the laptop and this can be frustrating if the vendor do not have this part in stock.Though desktop computers may tend to give problems, parts are more readily available, let`s say a desktop motherboard has been damaged, you can go online look for the specific motherboard model and brand and then have it shipped to you in no time.Most times when a motherboard for a laptop goes people just throw the laptop away because the cost to buy it and then to have it installed by a professional computer technician is very expensive.So you generally laptops are more expensive when buying and repairing .Another thing that has to be considered is that some laptop computer hardware are incompatible with some operating systems,alot of laptop vendors would make these devices to work only with the company`s software so that the customer has no other choice but to purchase entire operating systems and software from  the company.

Security Considerations
Because laptops are moving from one location to another daily it is important to consider the safety of your data because it is more vulnerable once it is moving around.Though alot of new technologies such as thumbprint i.d and volume encryption locks may increase the security of your  data, you should alway be proactive.I have put together a couple of things that you always do to ensure the security of your data when you are on or off the road.

Here is what you should do:
1.Always create a user name and password for yourself.If someone else is going to use your laptop make sure you create a separate username and password for them with limited privileges.

2.Never set your laptop to automatically connect to wireless networks and you should never connect to free unknown wireless networks that you do not know, your data can be easily be compromised or hijacked.

3.Personal information such as credit card information, banking information or important passwords, etc should not be kept on your laptop computer.

So good luck in your choice of computer, laptop or desktop.I hope this information was helpful to you, please share with friends.

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