Make Your BlackBerry Phone Work Faster

For some strange reason after a few months of owning your blackberry phone you notice that it has started to perform a slower than usual, this is strange to you because it`s performance should be optimal since it is a new gadget.First  off let me inform you, a black berry phone is much like a mini computer and you need to take care of it in terms of memory management  and performance. In this post I will give you some tips that will surely get your blackberry phone working  back up to speed like when it came in the box.

All Unused Application Should Be Closed
If your  Black Berry is too busy running other applications this may tend to have a significant effect on your memory and will continue to work unless you act fast and close those unused applications.How  do you know what applications are running ?.Hold down the menu key  or press  ALT + ESC, once you find some apps in this list that you are not using you should open them and close immediately by pressing menu  select  close or exit. If you don`t close an app by using this method it is likely that the app may still be running in memory.

Let`s  Start:  
The Event Log  File - This should be cleared
Just as though how your laptop or desktop  has an event log  file to track and log all the events that may occur within your system so do the Blackberry phone and  in the event of a system or application failure that your blackberry may experience.This file is a resource log file and it is called the event log file which will help you diagnose and troubleshoot  future problem with your blackberry.When  this log file  gets filled up with event logs,  it starts to take up not only space on your blackbery but it also becomes  memory intensive because of it`s large size, this usually causes  major performance issues and that`s why this log file needs to be deleted/cleared out whenever it gets too filled up.How do you clear out the event log file?.Here is how you do it, from the Home screen of icons, press and hold the  “ALT” key then type “LGLG”(Don`t  press the SHIFT key at the same time) and this should bring up the event log screen as shown.Press the MENU key and select “clear log”, then select “Delete” when it asks you to confirm.When finish press ESCAPE key to go back to the main menu or Home Screen.

Note some of the keys here may not work in some of the more recent models of blackberry phones, you may need to get into the device system settings to get to the event log file.

The Web Browser Cache – This should be cleared out
To increase speed to your web browser you should clear out the browser`s  cache.This is easy, all you have to do is click on the browser icon and when it loads up you  click on the MENU key and  select  “options” then select  “Cache Operations”.Once you are in “Cache Operations”  select  “clear history” , then click all the “clear” buttons that follow.When asked about clearing  “pushed content”  select yes to confirm.After you would have done this press on your esc key to return to your browser and BAM you are finished.Doing this small tweak should greatly  increase your web browser`s  speed and you should see increase performance when you start browsing.

Automatic  Memory Cleaning – What  is this?
Making use of the “automatic  memory cleaning” feature that the blackberry has is a good thing, not doing so is another .Given the fact that most blackberry phones have built in memory for  managing  and multitasking  between  applications and programs, they are still affected  by memory bottle necks  which  slows down the phone significantly .A good example is: your blackberry may hang when you play a game or you may be texting and suddenly  your phone locks up for couple of seconds  and you cannot do anything with it .These are just a few of the symptoms seen when your blackberry  starts to give memory problems.

Here is how you solve this memory problem with your blackberry:

First go to the options icon and select “security option”, use your fingers and slide down and then select “memory cleaning”  here you will change the status to “enabled”. Once  this has been enabled you will see more options but I recommend leaving the first two as “yes” and further adjusting the “idle Timeout” from  5 minutes respectfully to about 1 or 2 minutes .A little trick that you can do also is to select show icons on “home screen” , now when you would have done that please confirm and save your changes.Once you would have  selected to show your Icon on “home screen”, you will see it in the Applications folder as shown. When you click the Memory Cleaner icon, you will see the cleaning happening in real time. Isn`t this cool or what ?

10 Free Blackberry Apps You Must Have
3. Navita Translator for blackberry.
4. Tvider for blackberry.
5. Urbanspoon for blackberry. 
6. Movies for blackberry.
7. Poynt for blackberry. 
8.Buzzd for blackberry. 
9. SpeedTest  for blackberry.

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