A look at what`s new in windows 8

Microsoft released Windows 8 Preview on the 29th february 2012 for all those windows lover and although it is the beta version of windows 8 it has gotten alot of great reviews.Microsoft announced that windows 8 consumer preview had been downloaded over one million times within the first day of its release.I must say from my experience with windows 8 preview there has been significant changes to the look and feel of this operating system and for the first time since windows 95 it does not include the start button.Windows 8 Preview includes the metro enviroment which is based on Microsoft`s Metro design language, this design incorporates a tile based start screen similiar to that used the iphone and those other tablet pcs, it is basically a touch screen Operating system.With microsoft making a move like this i wonder whose next to follow, this is a great operating system.

Here are some great features of windows 8

1. Includes Windows Store : Just like the Mac app store , it will allow developers to publish application to the operating system.The store will only provide links to these applications on the microsoft website.

2. New User Interface : Has a metro style user interface which is based on touch screen technology. To use touch input features, touch enabled hardware is required.It  also has support for mice and keyboard for backward compatibility.

3. Picture Password : a new authentication method used as will not be required to type in passwords but they will use a set of gestures in a selected picture to login.

4. Task Manager : It includes a new task manager but the old one is still there for backward compatibility.The tabs are the same as the old task manager except for a new tab named the Processes tab.

5.Windows Live ID Integration : Which basically means that user accounts don`t have to be local anymore, but can be linked to one live id, further users will not lose their settings and files whenever they go on any windows 8 machine and sign in with their windows live id or account.

6.Windows to Go : this is a new feature of windows 8 which will allow a user to create a bootable flash drive and windows 8 will boot from  the flash drive.If the flash drive was removed the system will freeze , once reinserted within 60 seconds it will continue to work as per normal.

7. Usb Support : windows has built in support for USB 3.0, which has better power management.

Windows 8 Preview System Requirements :

x86 (32 bit)
processor : atleast 1Ghz
Memory   :1Gb
Graphics Card :DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
Hard Drive :16 Gb

x86 (64 bit)
processor : atleast 1Ghz
Memory   :2Gb
Graphics Card :DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
Hard Drive :20 Gb

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