How To Prevent A Hard-Drive Failure.

In my recent article on the signs of a failing harddrive you should have by now all the necessary arsenal on your side to spot a faulty harddrive.It`s not a good feeling to know that your harddrive has failed and you are unable to access your information in a reasonable time or to access it at all.Prevention is better than cure in all cases and if you can prevent your harddrive from failing this is great plus would be far less expensive.Having a failed hard drive is one thing , the recovery of your data is another and this can be very costly as you will have to get a data recovery agent or third party personnel to help you recover your data for a price.

Here are some test that you can run regularly do to keep your hard drive in good health:

1.Defragment your harddrive

Files stored on your harddrive gets moved from one location to another on your computer on a daily basis, access to these files can slow down your system and put additional work on your hard drive read heads causing it to fail in the long run.You should set your hard drive to automatically defragment at the end of every week.

2.Run chkdsk/f

Windows comes with a command line tool called check disk which basically checks your harddrive for errors or bad sectors on the disks that needs fixing.This tool called check disk or chkdsk for short identifies errors on your disk but does not fix them until you specify /r perameter which is basically telling the OS to do a repair.Below you can do a repair:

1.Click start->run
2.In the run box-> type cmd ->press enter
3.At the command prompt -> type chkdsk/r
4.If it the drive that you want to check has the the OS installed on it, you will get a prompt asking you to schedule the check when the machine restarts because the volume is in use.You should type yes and whenever the machine restarts it will do a check and repairs of the volume on the hard disk.

If that is too technical for you you can always try this:

1.Go to my computers  ->choose the drive you want to run the check  disk on (c:),(D:),(E:)
2.Right click ->choose properties ->under tools ->under error checking ->click check now
3.You may get check box asking you to either choose to automatically fix file system errors or scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.
4.Choose both

3.Checking SMART (Self monitoring and reporting technology)

The self monitoring and reporting technology known as S.M.A.R.T is a technology used by windows to detect and report on indicators of a failing hard drive, errors that occurs continuously are red flagged.In it`s basic sense, the technology monitors your hard drive in real time and tell you when it is going bad so you can either bad up your data or replace it.Their are some third part software that can display smart results in a presentable way,one such free software is passmark.

These are a few tests that you should run to see if your hard disk drive is failing and if it is you need to back up your data immediately, i recommend paragon.Don`t worry it is free and remember you need to know the signs of a failing harddrive before you can prevent the failure.

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