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The Importance Of  A Web Proxy Online Today

Did you know that whenever you visit some websites online they log your i.p address and they record it in there database to keep track of you online.This is a practice done by most online commercial agencies to see how and when you shop online so that they can send you products and services they are offering.While this is true about some commercial agencies they are Other sites that may keep logs of your ip address for different reasons, its better to be on the safe side as these logs can be kept for years and can be used to track your particular computer and your location once it is connected to the internet.The concern here is your right to go where ever you want go online when you browse but when your browsing history is being logged by third party companies it becomes a matter of infringement of ones privacy and this is wrong.Browsing without a proxy means your right is being compromised daily,whenever you are using credit cards or making payment online you must always make sure the page url is secure like (, the *https* indicates that the website that you are visiting is encrypted and data transferred on the site will be encrypted.Always look for this whenever you are doing financial transactions online and if you don`t see this it means that your web connection could be compromised.

What is A Web Proxy?

Proxy servers are either hardware oriented or software oriented, they  usually act as an intermediatary between your computer which has an ip address and the internet.A web proxy or proxy script acts in such a way that when the user goes online and sends a request or try to visit a website,instead of the request going straight to the intended web site it goes to a online proxy server e.g ( which then requests the information on your behalf and then it returns it back to your computer or to you.They are a number of reasons why people use proxies,some use proxy to filter web content, some to go around restrictions such as parental blocks or some to just surf anonymously online.

Why Use A Web Proxy ?
If you would like to surf the internet anonymously then sending your traffic through a proxy is the way to go,this would mean that your home computer i.p address will become invisible to which ever site you visit.Another reason why people e.g in work places or schools uses web proxy is because in most cases they want to bypass their network administrator restrictions and visit a blocked site.A web proxy is the perfect tool for the job and it is not hard to get started.

Here is a list of free proxy below that you can use: -
2.Ixquick -
3.Cyberghost - -
5.Anonymouse -
6.AnonyMizer -
7.Ninja Cloak -
8.Proxyfree -
9.Hidemyass -
10.Hidester -

 Important Note: Don`t use these web based proxies to enter any user names or passwords.
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